Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Having a carpet in your household is one of the important things which will beautify your room. If you look around you will realize that there are so many types of carpets which you can get in the market.

However, you must know that as people step on it daily it is prone to get dirty from bacteria, dust and any kind of dirt.

Once you realize this you must look for a professional cleaning company so that it assists you in cleaning your carpet.

There are so many types of carpet cleaning methods which are offered by many companies such as steam carpet cleaning and dry cleaning.

In case you wish the understand the difference between this two method, then you have to read the guide below as it may be of great help to you.


Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Carpet Cleaning Method


Steam Carpet Cleaning

This kind of method uses a machine which injects a mixture of warm water and an eco detergent into your carpet. After that, it’s able to extract the water together with any dirt in your carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This kind of cleaning is the best when it comes to removing built-up residue and stains. You must know that after you are done in cleaning your carpet, you will be required to have some time so that your carpet can dry completely.

In many cases, this will depend on the type of carpet that you have and the season.

Pros of steam carpet cleaning

  • It’s good not only for stain removal but also as a carpet refresher.
  • It’s normally meant for removing carpet stains
  • It has the ability to get deep into the fibers of the carpet and dissolve any existing dirt.
  • It’s the best method since it has been recommended by many of the cleaning professionals and carpet manufacturers across the world.
  • There is no residue of the product which will be left behind after the procedure.



  • The drying time may take longer than about 3 to 7 hours depending on the type of carpet that you have
  • There are very high chances of bacterial or fungal growth in case you do not clean and dry your carpet regularly.
  • You cannot use this method in cleaning some delicate materials such as 100% cotton, leather, viscose, silk, and natural fibers.
  • It’s recommended that you always check the label on your carpet or you can contact the manufacturing company before you start cleaning using steam.
  • The steam carpet cleaning machine is very noisy and heavy. In many cases, there are some restrictions which have been imposed in some areas on the use of this machine.


Suitable fabrics for this method

  • Woolen materials
  • Synthetic which includes polyester, man-made and micro-fiber.


Dry Cleaning Method

In many cases, this kind of method is used for cleaning delicate materials. However, it’s only a few people who decide to choose nubuck carpet or velvet upholstery, but by individuals who have, it must be aware that he/she must have special treatment in cleaning his/her carpet.

Dry Cleaning Method

There are so many detergents on the market which you can use in dry cleaning various materials. The best thing with these materials is that they are very gentle on the surface and will not damage but at the same time they are very strong when it comes to cleaning your carpet and killing any bacteria.


Pros of dry cleaning

  • Takes a few minutes in drying your carpet
  • It’s usually suitable for delicate materials and it has minimal risks of damage.


Cons dry cleaning

  • In some cases, there must be some residue of the detergent which may be left as you are cleaning your carpet which might be difficult to remove.
  • It may not effectively remove all the stains from your carpet
  • Some of the detergents can be harsh, therefore, if you are using your dry cleaner, then you are first needed to consult an expert before you start the cleaning process.
  • It is best for fabrics such as sisal, jute, and sea-grass.


If you look at the above guide carefully, you will be able to understand the best method which can satisfy your cleaning needs. So many people have looked at it and they no longer have any challenge in cleaning their carpets.