Curtain and Drapes Cleaning

Payless carpet cleaners Provide curtains and drape cleaning. 
The cleaning process includes the removal of soil, stains, dust and odor from the fabric. 
Following the cleaning, we re-hang the drapes at your location. 

Drapery, and Blind Cleaning offers:

  • Convenient, on-time appointment.
  • FREE estimates with no hidden charges.
  • FREE pick-up and delivery, take-down and re-installation.
  • Repairs and alterations available at an additional charge.

Curtain Cleaning Methods

1. On Site Curtains & Drapes Cleaning

Hot water extraction steam cleaning
Unlike upholstery fabrics which can withstand shrinkage due to being stretched over cushions and frames, curtains are much more susceptible to warping and shrinkage, particularly so if they are cotton or cotton mix fabrics. 
We consider it wiser to use non-water based solutions i.e. solvents for curtain cleaning. 
Payless Curtains Cleaners rarely offers this method of cleaning curtains and never for cotton or cotton mix curtains. 

Dry solvent cleaning
Even with dry cleaning, there is a small risk of shrinkage to the curtain fabric. However, while this method is preferred with regard to the risk of the fabric, there are health and safety reasons that relate to the consequences of the use of dry cleaning solvent chemicals which are directed upwards and suspended by spray jets in tiny droplets that form in the air. The expert technician must therefore wear protective equipment which should include goggles to protect his eyes, a mask to prevent inhalation of airborne solvent particles and, as solvents are an irritant, a tyvex suit and gloves would be advisable to avoid skin contact. The homeowner should avoid entering the room while the work is being done. 

  2. Off-Site Curtains & Drapes Cleaning

Payless Curtains Cleaners recommends that whenever possible, curtains should be taken down, removed from site, dry cleaned off-site, returned and re-hung. Payless Curtains Cleaners has the skills and means to undertake this tedious work. 
Curtains being cleaned for the first time, even using solvent dry cleaning methods, can shrink up to 5% of their original size. The reason for this is that the manufacturing process often introduces tensions into fabrics which the cleaning process may reverse. 
Also, curtains that are susceptible to shrinkage which also have linings, may shrink at a different rate to the linings. This may result in linings hanging lower than the curtain fabric. Once re-hung, the dead weight of the curtains may cause them to re-stretch sufficiently to correct this problem if it occurs. 
The bottom line is that curtain cleaning is problematic. Few carpet and upholstery cleaners undertake this work as it is time consuming, tedious, risky and relatively unrewarding for the time invested. It is also difficult to obtain visually pleasing results as curtain fabrics are relatively cleaner than upholstery fabrics. The best way to maintain curtain fabrics is for the consumer to regularly vacuum them. 
Payless Curtains Cleaners are competent in all methods and are able to give best advice. 

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